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Seniors Speak Out SOTU Social Media Toolkit

President Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address to Congress on February 7, 2023. While discussing legislative victories over the past year, he praised the Inflation Reduction Act, a bill that contains price control policies which are expected to have significant negative effects on innovation and the discovery of new life-improving drugs. If you are concerned about these consequences, we encourage you to tell policymakers.

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Watching @POTUS’ #SOTU remarks supporting the #IRA shows that he didn’t take into account what it could mean for seniors like me that depend on new treatments. If #pricecontrols are as bad as they say, we will never get our hands on life-improving medicines.  

.@POTUS’ #SOTU address praises the #IRA as a victory for the American people but doesn’t acknowledge its negative impact on new medicines and accessibility for #seniors.

As a #senior, I’m deeply disappointed to see @POTUS praise the #IRA that would jeopardize my access to new treatments. The scientific community is already warning we’re going to have fewer life-improving options thanks to this bill.

I’m angered to see that the recently-passed #IRA is expected to have a devastating impact on the future of medicines which will cost seniors like me from accessing lifesaving treatments. The President was wrong to praise this bill in his #SOTU.


President Biden’s State of the Union address praising the Inflation Reduction Act is disheartening for seniors across America. Seniors deserve a government that protects research and development of lifesaving treatments, not throws those advancements by the wayside.

As a senior on Medicare, I know that price controls would limit my access to new lifesaving drugs. President Biden’s remarks on his legislative victories ultimately harm seniors, especially those with life-threatening conditions. 

This Wall Street Journal piece highlights the detrimental effects of the Inflation Reduction Act on drug R&D. Fewer cures and treatments doesn’t sound like a sound healthcare policy to me.

President Biden’s State of the Union speech praised the Inflation Reduction Act, which contains price controls that are expected to kill innovation, leaving us with fewer new treatment options. Seniors living with serious health conditions should be concerned.