If you are enrolled in the Medicare Part D program, you know first-hand how helpful it is. If you aren’t and you’re visiting this website for more information, you may be surprised to learn that approximately 94 percent of seniors enrolled in Part D are satisfied with their coverage and 95 percent believe that the level of coverage meets their needs.

Our goal is to help seniors, like us, get the high quality care we need so that we all have health care coverage that meets our needs. Use the resource below to learn more, and be sure to also visit our blog for first-hand, Medicare stories from seniors like us.

6 Comments On “Medicare

  1. Cheryl Johnson Reply

    Hi Nanci , I can relate to how you feel . I receive a thousand a month minus my medical
    Premium which leaves me with 800 plus a month to buy food , pay my utilities and life insurance. Afterwards there nothing left. It’s sad how people on SSI and snap get free medical, food stamps , deep discounted help with the utilities and we the seniors aren’t given anything
    Let’s not bring up the 1200. Stimulus because even they got that in addition
    Now their getting an extra 500. For cost of living . Once again seniors get nothing. We stand in line from food bank to foils bank to get groceries . And good stamps were not even considered. We have no voice , no one speaks for us. If you happen to get Medicaid they take your house when you die. Who is our spokesperson that actually cares ? If there is none. Besides people who get food stamps get 800 dollars per child for food stamps I’d be happy with 200. It’s sad how senior Americans are forgotten and mistreated
    Pissed off senior

    1. Thair Phillips Reply

      Cheryl – I know you aren’t the only one feeling the pinch in these times. Your income situation gives you access to many programs that can help with your expenses. This web site,, can direct you to people that can help you access those programs that you qualify for. It looks like there is one good thing that is coming next year. Many experts expect the cost of living raise on your SS will be hefty. I do try to speak for all seniors and I will continue to especially look out for those who are struggling financially.

      Best, Thair

  2. Phyllis Smith Reply

    I am satisfied with my coverage of Medicaid and Medicare altho I only draw barely just over $10,000 a year.
    I pray that God keeps meeting my needs.

    1. Thair Phillips Reply

      Phyllis – I also hope you continue to have your needs met.

      Best, Thair

  3. Nanci Reply

    Hello. I’m a senior living with strict budget and they only gave extra $22 a month for cola. Then they took away $11 from snap food asst can you believe that’s how I am treated? I worked all my life and paid my taxes, I been renting for 29yrs, and no nest egg at all. My budget is under 20,000 per year and can hardly afford to pay co pays!! It’s absolutely terrible that we shouldn’t be included in this virus stimulus money for ALL Americans am I right? It’s time for seniors to speak up and let them know this is unacceptable treatment!, pissed off grandma!

    1. Thair Phillips Reply

      Nanci – Sorry for the delay in responding, I wanted to get the latest information for you. You will get a $1,200 check and you don’t have to submit anything to get it. It might take 3 or 4 weeks for it to get to you but it’s coming. At first they said that people on Social Security who didn’t have to file income taxes would have to submit a short form to get paid. We along with a lot of other people raised a ruckus and the IRS suddenly decided they could send the check using the address or bank information that the Social Security Administration had to send the check. I know this is a cliché but “the check is in the mail” or at least it will be in a few weeks.

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