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Seniors Speak Out was created by the Healthcare Leadership Council’s Medicare Today as a resource for older Americans, caregivers and advocates to help ensure seniors have access to high quality health care.

The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC), a coalition of chief executives from all disciplines within the health care system, launched Medicare Today in November 2004, to reach out to Medicare beneficiaries who needed reliable information on how to get the greatest value from the Medicare benefits provided by the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) of 2003.

The Healthcare Leadership Council administers the partnership of more than 400 national and local organizations including National Association of Family Physicians and National Alliance for Hispanic Health. Medicare Today develops innovative tools for all partners to use, commissions research studies and undertakes earned media efforts and outreach to inform beneficiaries about the value of the new benefits under the MMA.

To make this website as helpful as possible, we will be highlighting community voices, and we encourage you to share your thoughts. A notable voice that you will see contributing regularly to this website is Thair Phillips.

After spending 8 years in the Air force as a B-52 bombardier and a war planning specialist, Thair Phillips worked extensively in the computer field as a system developer, project manager, and later formed his own business.  He worked as a contractor on multiple projects for both public and private entities including the Department of Labor, GSA, and the EPA.

Mr. Phillips became involved in public policy first, in the 1990s, with the Subacute Care Association and then as CEO of the Seniors Coalition, a non-profit seniors advocacy organization. Starting in 2009 he served for 10 years as the President and CEO of RetireSafe, also a non-profit seniors advocacy organization.

Mr. Phillips now brings his 20 plus years of experience to Seniors Speak Out, contributing weekly blogs on important issues, providing frequent surveys to gain your input on these issues and holding periodic webinars and fireside discussions with prominent experts. His goal will be to give a voice to older Americans on the issues that affect their lives.

13 Comments On “About Us

  1. Nancy Reply

    I recently received an email stating that you would be having Newt Gingrich speak, and referred to him as “Honorable”. I can think of NOTHING that is honorable about him. This definitely puts me in doubt about the validity of your organization.

    1. Thair Phillips Reply

      Nancy – According to the rules of etiquette one of the uses of the prefix “Honorable” is in reference to a member of the United States Congress. It is a rule of etiquette and is capitalized so it doesn’t judge the recipient of the prefix only that they are a member of Congress and as such garnered enough votes to be elected from people who did think she/he was honorable. You are certainly entitled to your opinion as am I. . . I think he is honorable.

      Best, Thair

  2. Tammy Collard Reply

    I went to nursing school I know your science is wrong. ALSO just because your vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t die from C or that you can’t give it to someone else.. I also know mask don’t work.

    1. Thair Phillips Reply

      Tammy – I recognize your right to your opinion but don’t understand how you know that the science is wrong and masks don’t work. For clarification, it’s not my science, it’s the world’s science and more importantly it’s the 2.8 billion people that have been vaccinated world wide and the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been saved. It’s also the dramatic reduction of infections when people wear masks that prove their worth. You are absolutely right that being vaccinated doesn’t eliminate the chance you may die from a breakthrough infection, it just makes it 20 times less likely than if you weren’t vaccinated. I like those odds. I hope you review your facts and come to the understanding that these vaccines really do save lives.

      Best, Thair

    2. Thair Phillips Reply

      Tammy – I respect your right to your opinion but I don’t understand your absolute statements that the science is wrong and that masks don’t work. To clarify, it’s not “my” science it’s the world’s science and more importantly it’s the 2.8 billion people that have been vaccinated world wide and the hundreds of thousands lives that have been saved. It’s the dramatic reduction in infections when masks are worn. You are absolutely correct that being vaccinated doesn’t eliminate the chance of dying from a breakthrough infection. It just makes it 20 times more likely when you aren’t vaccinated. I like those odds. I hope you reexamine the science and the world wide actual experience and change your view, it could be a lifesaving decision.

      Best, Thair

  3. Donna McKenzie Reply

    Please help, I cannot afford my Part D prescriptions to go up! The price of groceries has skyrocketed, my power bill has increased substantially, and I am caring for a 42 year old son who has severe back problems, needs surgery desperately, or he will be paralyzed for life. Please help!!!

    1. Thair Phillips Reply

      Donna – I’m sorry to hear about your problems. I think you might qualify for some state or federal assistance that could help with your finances and access to medical care. I suggest you got to https://www.usaging.org, that web page can help you find people in your area that can help. I wish you the best and hope your burdens are lightened.

      Best, Thair

  4. Diane Lane Reply

    I have a problem. I have worked all my life and saved very little for retirement. I am divorced and have no other income except my small SS check and I work full time. I am 70 and believe I will never retire. The younger generation gets so many benefits. Free medical for themselves and their families, free food, free housing, etc. I have to pay for medicare and I have paid for insurance all my life. Never got anything free. What is wrong with the picture. The young and able bodied will not work and the older generation still has to work to make sure they get everything for free. I am tired and I would like to retire and get some of these freebies.

    1. Thair Phillips Reply

      Diane – I understand your dilemma, it seems like life isn’t fair sometimes. We talk often here about ways that you can save money on your healthcare and we encourage younger people to think about their retirement and invest in their future so they can retire comfortably. There are government programs that might be able to help you in your particular situation. I suggest going to http://www.n4a.org to find aging resources in your area. They may be able to help you. I truly hope things work out for you.

      Best, Thair

  5. Susan Miller Reply

    This news sounds horrific. I am in good health with no immediate issues. Should I get sick what happens next?

  6. K. Lyons Reply

    Your ABOUT US does not tell us about you at all. I’d like to see everyone on your board and who they are affiliated with. Since you are an “org,” I would like a list of all the corporations that donate to you. What are you trying to hide from we Seniors? Have a feeling that you don’t care about us but are just GREEDY fat cats.

    1. Thair Phillips Reply

      K. Lyons – We are a part of, and supported by, the Healthcare Leadership Council. The information about their members and supporters can be found at https://www.hlc.org/about/. Hope that helps.

      Best, Thair

  7. Poingdexter Reply

    Hi Patricia,

    I am sorry for your trouble. If you are on extra help such as Medicaid you have the ability to change your health care provider once every calendar quarter with the exception of the last quarter, September-December. You do not need to wait until the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) You may want look into this further. Contact a local medicare insurance agent that can sit down with you.
    If you are contacted by Medicare for a survey for star-rating, please consider participating. Insurance companies are reimbured by the care they provide via your feedback on star-rating.

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