5 Tips to Make the Most of Part D Open Enrollment


  1. Come armed with your current list of medications.

    This will allow for a more accurate view of coverage and cost-sharing across plan options.

  2. Check whether your current medications are covered on a plan’s formulary.

    If not, you could pay for the full price of that medicine out-of-pocket and this spending would not apply to your plan’s cost-sharing limits.

  3. Look beyond the monthly premium.

    It’s also important to review your expected out-of-pocket cost-sharing (copays and/or coinsurance) based on your current medication list. Look for plans that minimize your costs across both the premium and expected cost-sharing.

  4. Check which pharmacies you can use to get your medications. 

    Make sure your pharmacy is in a plan’s network. Consider using “Preferred” pharmacies or mail-order, which may help lower your out-of-pocket costs.

  5. Review Plan Ratings.

    Plans are rated overall out of 5 stars, and you can also see how they are performing on specific dimensions, such as customer service and patient safety.




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