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Tell Congress to Protect Our Medicare Today!

Attention seniors! Recently, the government proposed a dramatic change to Medicare coverage that would limit our access to the care and treatments we rely on. This proposed change to Medicare Part B would come between us and our doctors by allowing the government to make our health care decisions. As you know, millions of seniors like us rely on Medicare for quality, affordable health care. That’s why we need to speak out today to make sure our elected officials know we won’t stand for harmful proposals like this one!

I think health care decisions should be left to patients and their doctors, and I know I’m not alone. That’s why Seniors Speak Out has created an easy-to-use platform to contact your members of Congress about this important issue. Make your voice heard and join me in speaking out so millions of seniors around the country can continue to access quality health care.

Thanks for continuing to protect a program that works for seniors!