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Summertime and the Living is Easy – – – Maybe

We’re in the dog days of summer and I’m sure we all were thinking this summer we could get back to living easy. Well, because of the COVID-19 Delta variant we are still most definitely feeling uneasy. Well, let’s erase all those worries for a moment and think about ways we can enjoy summer by eating right, keeping ourselves in good health and taking advantage of activities that keep us moving.

First, a little factoid you can use to impress your friends. The dog days of summer have nothing to do with dogs; it recognizes the rising of the star Sirius, often called the dog star, which ancient people linked with heat, drought, lethargy, fever and bad luck.

Now, let’s talk about some activities you may not have taken advantage of but are great ways to combat the dog days, especially that lethargy part.

Many seniors have found that swimming is a great way to exercise without the pounding that running or other exercises give to your lower body. I started a couple of years ago and had to stop due to COVID-19. Maybe that has also happened to you. I found out that when I transferred to Medicare Advantage, I got free membership at a local pool, and I’ve signed up. Check your insurance to see if they offer some free benefits like this. I do know that when I first signed up two years ago the price was really reasonable.

Another fun thing I’ve discovered is electric bikes. My wife and I bought regular bikes a few years ago and we discovered that riding was difficult because our riding speeds were much different. Many of our friends have bought electric bikes (the price continues to drop as more and more people buy them) and they have told me how great they were. They evened out the speed differences and it lets you exercise at whatever level fits you best. The electric bikes also allow you to get out for some long rides. Many electric bikes have a 50 mile or more range. We just bought some and they are proving to be a great way to get out and get moving.

Eating right takes some effort. My son is introducing us to “clean eating” and the keto diet. My wife is following it much more closely than I am, but I can really taste the difference in clean foods. Good and healthy summer recipes may be just the cure for that same food rut we may have gotten into during the pandemic.

The Taste of Home website has a whole bunch of great summer recipes. One that caught my eye was Rosemary Salmon and Veggies.  Go to Recipe.

Another great place for good recipes is the WebMD website. The lemon dill chicken caught the attention of my tastebuds. Go to Recipe.

I always have to give you a link to a CDC website that gives us hints on how to have a healthy and safe summer. You’ve probably heard most of them at a bunch of different places but here they all are in one place.

Now that you are exercising and eating healthy, let me break the dog day spell and return us to the reality of the times. We need to respond to the pleas of everyone around us and get vaccinated for COVID-19. I assume almost all of you have been vaccinated (around 80% of Americans over 65 have been vaccinated so far) so I’m asking you to talk with those friends and relatives you know that haven’t been vaccinated. Listen to them, really listen to them. Listen and empathize with their feelings and fears. Find some things you can agree upon, i.e., we all want people around us to be safe. Spouting a bunch of facts often is counterproductive; they’ve heard all of those before. It’s the fear and distrust that we need to recognize. We’ve all had illogical fears that scared us no matter what others have said. Telling the unvaccinated about your experience and how you felt when you got vaccinated is a good way to help them understand your feelings. COVID-19 has ruined a lot of things over the last year and a half, don’t let it ruin a friendship over getting vaccinated. Just let them know that you’re their friend and you just want them to be healthy and safe.

Stay cool, healthy, and safe and continue to have a great summer.