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Keeping Part D Strong: Don’t “Fix” a Successful Program

In George Washington’s time, doctors frequently treated patients by bleeding them with leeches. Just as this procedure didn’t produce successful outcomes, “bleeding” Medicare Part D is a misguided attempt that would be equally unsuccessful. 


Medicare Part D is a rare commodity, a government program that is healthy and works well! Here are some reasons why:


1)     Seniors like the program, consistently giving it a near 90% satisfaction rate;

2)     Research demonstrates Part D contributes to reductions in hospitalizations; 

3)     Consumers are empowered by many optionsamong coverage plans;

4)     Premium costs have been relatively stableover the past five years.

5)     The net federal spending for the program was nearly 50 percent less than anticipated by CBO projections.


If you rely on the Medicare prescription drug program, now is the time to keep up with policy threats to the program and get involved to ensure your access to prescription drugs is not threatened. We can’t let this vital program, which protects the health of tens of millions of seniors and people with disabilities, be endangered by misguided changes. As the old adage goes, if it ain’t broke…