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Keeping Medicare Strong

As many of you already know, Medicare is the federal health insurance program for Americans over the age of 65 and those with disabilities. Medicare is fundamental to helping seniors like you and me across the United States access needed health care.

The program provides participants with all important access to hospital insurance, medical insurance and prescription drug coverage. Without Medicare, many older Americans would not be able to receive the health care they need including visits to the doctor, medicines and the other services needed to remain healthy.

It is important that we as seniors do what we can to keep Medicare strong. Start by learning about your Medicare coverage options at your local Area Agencies on Aging location. Next, make sure your friends know the benefits of Medicare and are enrolled as soon as they turn 65.

The most effective way to keep Medicare strong—for this generation and the next—is to share your support with your member of Congress. Call your representatives to tell them why this program is essential to your health.

As Medicare open enrollment approaches this fall, we’ll be posting helpful resources to make the most of your coverage. Check back often and visit our Facebook or Twitter to stay informed about your health coverage.