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Get the Facts About Sarcoma

As we age, many seniors become more aware of the various illnesses that can take a toll on our health. Here at Seniors Speak Out, we’re starting a new series to highlight conditions that impact our community. July was National Sarcoma Awareness Month, a type of cancer that develops from certain tissues, like bone or muscle, and can be found anywhere in the body. Sarcoma can affect people of all ages and early detection is key.

In their Detailed Guide to Sarcoma, the American Cancer Society estimates there will be over 12,000 new cases of sarcoma diagnosed in the United States in 2016. More than half will begin in the arms and legs. Sarcoma is a relatively treatable disease if diagnosed early. Learn more about risk factors, self screening, diagnosis and treatment here.

As with any disease, awareness is key. Ask your friends if they have been screened for sarcoma. Early detection is key to beating this disease.