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Call on the Administration to Reject the International Pricing Index!

Medicare beneficiaries: listen up! The Administration is introducing a proposed rule that would arbitrarily base the prices of American medications on prices of drugs in foreign countries. Proponents of this proposal, known as the International Pricing Index (IPI), claim that this type of plan would cut costs, but the truth is, this measure could harm seniors’ access to prescription medications and stifle medical progress and the development of improved treatments here at home.

If IPI is enacted, seniors will likely see new restrictions in the number and variety of medication options available to them and their physicians. International reference pricing proposals – which would tie U.S. drug prices to foreign countries that heavily regulate medicine accessibility — could also force a one-size-fits-all approach on beneficiaries, worsening health outcomes by assuming every patient responds the same way to all medications. If seniors are not given a voice or a choice in matters regarding their own healthcare needs, it will be harder to do what their physician believes is most effective.

Seniors must act NOW! Tell the Administration just how harmful enacting IPI and other foreign reference pricing policies could be, both for beneficiaries’ health and for American medical progress. Click here to make your voice heard.